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Meeting by ISIB to expand trade relations between the two countries - 1

Meeting by ISIB to expand trade relations between the two countries

Uzbekistan Training Seminar and Sponsorship Program, which was organized to promote the HVAC&R sector and develop bilateral relations, was well-attended.

Coordinated by the Turkish Ministry of Trade, the Uzbekistan Training Seminar and Sponsorship Program has been launched by the Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB), the global powerhouse of the Turkish HVAC-R sector. ISIB Chairman Mehmet Şanal and Board Member Ali Aktaş attended the Training Seminar and Sponsorship Program on April 26, at Wyndham Tashkent Hotel in Tashkent, Uzbekistan. On the other hand, 8 different sponsoring companies expressed interest in the bilateral business meetings held simultaneously with the seminar. The well-attended training session and sponsorship program provided an important platform for the development of commercial relations and cooperation between the two countries.

ISIB continues to work tirelessly to unite all exporter companies in the HVAC-R sector under one roof and enhance the sector’s export potential and organize events to promote the sector in various markets and to improve bilateral relations. ISIB, which just launched the Uzbekistan Training Seminar and Sponsorship Program, established contacts to guarantee international cooperation at the event which Board of Directors Chairman Mehmet Şanal and Member Ali Aktaş attended.

The event brought sector representatives from Türkiye and Uzbekistan together

The seminar organized by ISIB brought sector representatives from Türkiye and Uzbekistan together. Uzbek HVAC-R sector’s leaders also attended the well-attended seminar, which was held at the Wyndham Tashkent Hotel in Tashkent.

The training seminar started with opening speeches delivered by ISIB Chairman of the Board Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of Uzbekistan & Türkiye Business People Association (UTID) Davut Azmi Erbaş, and Deputy Minister of Construction of Uzbekistan Davronjon Adilov Kabildjanovic. The seminar featured discussions by Bahri Türkmen on Boosting Energy Efficiency in Existing Buildings and Designing Mechanical Installations for High Energy Performance, Işık Yücesoy on HVAC&R System Testing, Adjusting and Balancing, Hamit Mutlu on Mechanical Installation in Industrial Plants and Low dT Syndrome, and M. Filiz Pehlivan on the Climate Crisis and the Role of Building Design.

Eight ISIB member companies contributed to the simultaneous sponsorship program, which evaluated commercial opportunities with Uzbek sector representatives. During the program’s final meetings, the participant companies expressed satisfaction with the process and stated that the potential for cooperation between the two countries is promising.

Evaluating the activity carried out in Uzbekistan, Mehmet Şanal, ISIB Chairman of the Board, made the following remarks; “We see this event as a crucial opportunity to strengthen our ongoing trade relations between Türkiye and Uzbekistan. Today, our cooperation between the two countries is continuing quite effectively. The import by Uzbekistan in the HVAC-R sector is approximately 182 million dollars from Uzbekistan to Türkiye, while the total export to Türkiye is approximately 78 million dollars. We have organized a joint meeting here to improve the potential and take it to the global level. When the results we have achieved are taken into account, I believe that we will achieve this goal.”