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Message From Chairman

ISIB undertakes the promotion of Turkish HVAC&R sector abroad and provides support to exporter companies

Message From Chairman - 1

Esteemed representatives of our sector

Established in 2012, our Association has grown to a significant extent thanks to the efforts of all of our members. Today, our Association continues to work towards ensuring our sector is more competitive and renowned in the world stage. Members of our Association have chosen us to the Office in April 2018 and we will try our best to deserve your trust and support. The Board of Directors, together with all employees of İSİB, have embraced a mission to properly represent our sector on every platform. Our efforts are informed by the expectations and targets of our members. We are well aware that our country and our sector need production with high added value, R&D, export and a qualified labour force. In line with these needs, we are sure that our sector, with a well-established organizational structure, will be a more powerful actor in domestic and foreign markets. I also would like to state that our Union is very proud of offering continuous support to our industrialists who are well aware of the importance of export. Our sector is currently going through an admiring development. By maintaining our unity and spirit, we will try to shape the future through various projects, reach our objectives and ensure our Association takes its rightful place.

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