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Turkish HVAC-R Sector’s Export Initiative to Azerbaijan - 1

Turkish HVAC-R Sector’s Export Initiative to Azerbaijan

Turkish HVAC-R Industry Exporters Association (ISIB), the global business partner of the Turkish HVAC-R sector, held a National Participation organization for the Aquatherm Baku exhibition, which took place in Azerbaijan on October 19-21.

Ten Turkish companies that are members of ISIB participated in Aquatherm Baku National Participation organization, which is the biggest sectoral exhibition of Azerbaijan and Caucasus. In addition, 9 Turkish companies attended the exhibition individually. ISIB booth was actively used by Turkish participants and served as a place for meetings and gatherings.

Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of the Board of Directors, and Ali Aktaş, Member of the Board of Directors, represented ISIB at the organization in Azerbaijan.

Professional interviews were held with thousands of businesspeople and experts at the exhibition, which featured new products such as heating systems (boiler, burner, boiler, radiator, and equipment), plumbing systems (valve, pump, plastic pipes, fittings, taps), ventilation and air conditioning systems, and pool systems.

On the first day of the exhibition, Yakup Sefer, Ahmet Erdal and Murat Yaman, Commercial Counselors of the Republic of Turkey in Baku, visited ISIB booth and the booths of the participating companies and exchanged views with the participants about the country’s economy, trade, and business rules. On the 2nd day of the exhibition, “Turkey – Azerbaijan Cooperation Seminar in the Field of Modern Construction Technologies” was held with the participation of Dr. Cahit Bağcı, Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to Baku, in the organization of DEİK. Mehmet Şanal, ISIB Chairman of the Board of Directors, gave a presentation about ISIB and the HVAC-R Sector as part of the program.

Mehmet Şanal, ISIB Chairman of the Board of Directors, stated that the National Participation organization to the Aquatherm Baku exhibition in Azerbaijan was successful and that they continue to be a marketing and communication bridge for our exporters, and added: “As ISIB, we are working hard to boost the development and exports of our sector. Azerbaijan, our sister country, holds a special place in our hearts, as it does for every Turkish company. We will increase our existing export volume in Azerbaijan with the effective communication and visibility we demonstrated at the exhibition, and the support we provided to our exporters through the National Participation organization.”