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ISIB Hosted Exporters at ISK-SODEX Info Booth - 1

ISIB Hosted Exporters at ISK-SODEX Info Booth

The Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB), which participated in the 16th ISK SODEX Istanbul Exhibition with an Info Booth, hosted the meetings of exporters, the most important stakeholder of the sector, with their foreign counterparts.

ISIB organized the Buyers Mission organization with nearly 400 foreign businessmen from 69 countries at the ISK SODEX Exhibition, where a total of 750 exhibitors, 19 of whom were from foreign countries, and nearly 90 thousand visitors, including approximately 14 thousand foreign visitors from 119 different countries, and enabled exporters to build international network through the Info Booth within the exhibition.

The representatives of the Turkish HVAC-R sector met with their foreign counterparts and worked on the commercialization and export of their products for three days at the ISIB booth, which was graced by the visit of Prof. Dr. Ömer Bolat, the Minister of Trade of the Republic of Türkiye.

Stating that ISK SODEX is one of the two most important exhibitions in the HVAC-R sector, Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of ISIB, made the following remarks about the exhibition: “The Turkish HVAC-R sector, which has an export volume of approximately $7 billion as of today, is making steady progress in global markets. ISK Sodex is a significant milestone in demonstrating this greatness and establishing new commercial bridges. Our exporters held crucial meetings in our Buyers Mission organization and at the Info Booth we set up. We will continue to assist our exporters in commercializing these meetings and transforming them into exports in a timely manner. Particularly at this exhibition, we have seen devices with high energy efficiency that protect nature and people, rose to prominence. We are working seriously to achieve and realize the targets set within the scope of the European Green Deal to mitigate the effects of the global climate crisis. In this regard, we exchanged views with all our exporters throughout the exhibition.