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ISIB organized a National Participation Organization in Indonesia Refrigeration&HVAC Exhibition - 1

ISIB organized a National Participation Organization in Indonesia Refrigeration&HVAC Exhibition

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) organized a national participation organization in the Refrigeration&HVAC Exhibition held in Jakarta, capital of Indonesia, on 21-23 September.

Refrigeration&HVAC Exhibition, which is the biggest refrigeration and HVAC exhibition in Indonesia, was attended by 112 participant companies consisting of national and international manufacturers, distributors, and agencies and hosted more than 9.500 visitors this year. Mostly Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Installation products were displayed in the exhibition.

6 companies from Türkiye participated in the exhibition within the context of National Participation, which was attended by Board Members Levent Aydın Cem Savcı and Supervisory Board Member Murat Bakanay on behalf of ISIB.

Republic of Türkiye Ambassador to Indonesia Ahmet Cemil Miroğlu and Chief Commercial Attache Erkan Kiper and Commercial Attache Burak Avcı visited the ISIB stand and gained information from the exhibition mission and participants.

Also, ASHRAE Indonesia Chapter President Yongkie Tileno visited our stand at the exhibition. In the meeting held with him, information about trade in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Thailand, Malesia, Singapore, and the Philippines, apart from Indonesia was obtained. Murat Bakanay and Cem Savcı introduced ISIB in general terms and mentioned the activities of the Association before ASHRAE.

During the exhibition, ASISI- Cooling and Air-Conditioning Technicians Association, BEA – Building Engineers Association and GBC Green Building Council Indonesia Association authorities visited the ISIB stand and exchanged information. It was mutually agreed to establish cooperation in the long term with all of them, from training to commercial activities. Information was given about ISIB and the HVAC-R sector numbers between the two countries in the interview that was made by the exhibition organization company with Murat Bakanay.

ISIB Supervisory Board Member Murat Bakanay, expressing that the National Participation organization made in Refrigeration&HVAC Exhibition was carried out successfully, said that: “Indonesian HVAC-R sector import is approximately 7 billion dollars. Approximately 2/3 of this import is mainly from China, Japan, Thailand, South Korea, and Malesia. As a sector, our country’s presence in this region is small but has an increasingly developing acceleration. Thus, as ISIB we are approaching Indonesia strategically. 6 companies participated in the exhibition within the national participation organization of ISIB. Our export companies were satisfied with the visitor profile and number in general terms in this exhibition which we attended for the first time since the beginning of the epidemic. We are certain that our current export will increase with the meetings and cooperation initiated. As ISIB, we are proud to support our exporters in every field from marketing to communication.”