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ASHRAE’s Global HVACR Summit and RAL CRC Meeting was Held in İstanbul with over 400 Representatives - 1

ASHRAE’s Global HVACR Summit and RAL CRC Meeting was Held in İstanbul with over 400 Representatives

The Global HVACR Summit and RAL CRC organization of HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) is the main sponsor, organized by ASHRAE, was held at İstanbul The Green Park Pendik Hotel & Convention Center October 9-14.

Zeki Poyraz, the Turkey Representative of ASHRAE RAL CRC and Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors of İSİB, led the events hosted by Farooq Mehboob, ASHRAE President, and Board Members of ASHRAE with the participation of ASHRAE Regional Presidents from all over the world, ASHRAE Executive Board members from the United States and ASHRAE members from many different countries.

ASHRAE Global HVACR Summit meetings were held in the first two days of the event, and ASHRAE RAL CRC meetings were held in the last three days. In the events where more than 25 meetings including parallel sessions were held, opinions were exchanged on issues such as decarbonization, reducing the climate crisis, food safety, cold chain, and energy security, and recommendations were taken on behalf of the World HVAC-R Sector. Around 400 sector representatives and participants from all over the world were hosted at the meetings. As ASHRAE RAL marks its 20th anniversary this year, a celebration and award ceremony were held on the evening of 13th October.

Zeki Poyraz, Vice Chairman of the Board of İSİB, expressing that they are pleased to hold these important meetings of ASHRAE in İstanbul, stated that they also represent the Turkish HVAC-R sector in the best way, and said that:
“ASHRAE is an important decision-making association and constitution on behalf of the World HVAC-R sector. As the Turkish HVAC-R Sector, we are glad and proud to be a part of this initiative and to be the decision-maker for the development and growth of the World HVAC-R sector in all aspects. It is also a pleasure for us that ASHRAE, with its activities and vision in Turkey, has created a value chain that includes all stakeholders, from exporting companies to sector professionals, from academics to non-governmental organizations in the sector. The value added to the structural and intellectual vision of the HVAC-R Sector by the speakers who shared their opinions on the reduction of carbon footprint, climate crisis, food and energy security, health, and trained human resources at the meetings was indisputably important for all of us. In addition, the training given within the scope of RALCRC was quite beneficial for our sector representatives.
As ISIB, as the main sponsor of the conference, we brought a unique business network to İstanbul for the exporters of the sector. In order to develop our sector and increase its exports, I and our Members of the Board of Directors exchanged information with our foreign counterparts and shared the information they need as the sector.”


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