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ISIB organized a National Participation Organization in Aquatherm Tashkent Exhibition - 1

ISIB organized a National Participation Organization in Aquatherm Tashkent Exhibition

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) organized a national participation organization in the Aquatherm Tashkent Exhibition held in Tashkent, capital of Uzbekistan, on 28-30 September.

Aquatherm Tashkent Exhibition, the only industry-specialized exhibition presenting the latest developments and innovations in the HVAC technology field in Uzbekistan, celebrated its 10th anniversary this year. The exhibition started with the opening speeches of Uzbekistan Ministry of Housing And Social Services Deputy Minister Kurban Tursunov and ISIB Board Member Levent Aydın hosted 174 participant companies consisting of national and international manufacturers, distributors, and agencies, and more than 7000 visitors this year. Mostly, products for Heating, Refrigeration, Air-Conditioning, and Installation systems were displayed in the exhibition.

16 companies from Türkiye participated in the exhibition within the scope of National Participation. Apart from the national participation organization, 19 Turkish companies also participated individually.

A dinner was organized with the companies attending the National Participation organization on 29 September 2022. Olgan Bekar, Republic of Türkiye Ambassador to Tashkent, and Ahmet Melih Horata, Commercial Counsellor also attended the dinner. Furthermore, the company organizing the Exhibition presented the most valuable partner prize to ISIB for its contributions.

Apart from the exhibition, the copper pipe manufacturing facility of Teknopark located in Uzbekistan was visited by the ISIB authorities. Also, the factory opening ceremony of Rokaflex was carried out with the participation of Olgan Bekar, Republic of Türkiye Ambassador to Tashkent, Davut Erbaş, Turkish-Uzbek Business People’s Association President, and ISIB authorities.

ISIB Board Member Levent Aydın, expressing that the National Participation organization in Aquatherm Tashkent Exhibition was carried out successfully, said: “Uzbekistan is a country having strategic importance in respect to Turkish HVAC-R Sector. Uzbekistan which imports approximately 1,8 billion dollars in the HVAC-R sector annually, is a critical market for Türkiye. Turkish HVAC-R Sector currently meets 8 percent of the Uzbekistan HVAC-R sector imports. 16 companies attending our National Participation organization established many connections that will potentially lead to exports in the meetings they held. We wish to raise our market share to approximately 10 percent in Uzbekistan in 2022. We believe that, with the marketing, communication and training activities we carried out, the relations between the countries and sectors will improve and we will increase our export targets. As ISIB, we are proud to support our exporters in any field.”