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ISIB Brought Together 30 Companies from Balkan Countries with Turkish Businesspeople - 1

ISIB Brought Together 30 Companies from Balkan Countries with Turkish Businesspeople

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) brought together the company owners and executives who came to Turkey from different countries in Balkans with Turkish businesspeople.

30 professionals and businesspeople of 30 companies from Albania, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia, Romania, Slovenia, Kosovo, Croatia, Serbia, and Bulgaria participated in the organization held at Lazzoni Hotel in Istanbul on September 13 within the scope of the Balkans Buyer Mission Programme program.

B2B meetings were held between the Turkish and foreign committees within the scope of the program which was attended by 73 companies in the Turkish HVAC-R Sector.

ISIB Vice Chairmen of the Board Zeki Poyraz, expressing that they carried out the organization successfully in his statement within the scope of buyer mission programme, said: “Balkans buyer Mission Programme was the second buyer mission organization we held in Turkey. We provided our Turkish companies with opportunities to establish critical business connections via the North Africa buyers mission programme before. Balkan Countries are also one of the countries in which our export numbers are high. With this organization, we wanted to bring our commercial potential to the next level and we succeeded. Our companies developed their commercial relations and established profitable export connections during their meetings. We chose the companies from the Balkan Countries based on their sizes, trade volumes, their import and export numbers, and sector analysis we obtained from international sources. As the Turkish HVAC-R Sector, we pull out all the stops to increase the export volume not only in the Balkans but also in entire Eastern Europe.”