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Turkish HVAC-R Sector Is Increasing Its Commercial Activities In Hungary And Countries In The Region - 1

Turkish HVAC-R Sector Is Increasing Its Commercial Activities In Hungary And Countries In The Region

HVAC-R Exporters Association (ISIB) brought together Turkish HVAC-R Sector exporters with businesspeople from Hungary, Slovakia, and Czechia in Budapest, the capital of Hungary, on 19-21 September 2022.

71 companies from Hungary, and 7 companies from Slovakia and Czechia participated in this important organization which was attended by 23 companies from Türkiye within the scope of the trade mission program. Board Members Zeki Özen and Ali Aktaş participated in the Trade Mission organization on behalf of ISIB.

Before the first session of the mission program Meral Şengül, Republic of Türkiye Commercial Counsellor to Hungary, gave an informative presentation about Hungary and countries in the region to all participants.

Within the scope of the mission program, bilateral talks were also held between the Slovak Association For Cooling Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps, the Czech Association for Cooling and Air Conditioning Technology, the Hungarian Chambers of Engineers, and the Hungarian Chamber of Commerce authorities.

Gülşen Karanis Ekşioğlu, Republic of Türkiye Ambassador to Hungary, hosted our mission at dinner given in the Embassy residence and exchanged information within the frame of this important organization.

ISIB Board Member Ali Aktaş, expressing that the trade mission organization for Hungary was carried out successfully, said after the meetings and visits that: “Hungary is a country having strategic importance in respect to Turkish HVAC-R Sector. Hungary, which imports approximately 5 billion dollars in the HVAC-R sector annually, is a critical market for Türkiye. Turkish HVAC-R Sector currently meets 2 percent of the Hungary HVAC-R sector imports. Our companies attending our organization established many connections that will potentially lead to exports in these meetings. We wish to raise our market share to approximately 5 percent in Hungary in the next years. We believe that, with the marketing, communication and training activities we carried out, the relations between the countries and sectors will improve and we will increase our export targets. We will keep supporting our companies after the meetings held to turn these talks into exports for our companies.”