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ISIB Joined The Aquatherm Prague Fair with the Info Stand - 1

ISIB Joined The Aquatherm Prague Fair with the Info Stand

Aquatherm Prague Fair was held in Prague, which is the capital of Czechia, between 19-22 April 2022. Mostly undertaking, construction and import companies from Eastern European countries participated in the fair, in which the HVAC-R Industry Exporters Association (ISIB) participated with the Info Stand.

At the fair, in which also ISIB Board Members Murat Bakanay and Zeki Özen were participated, participants from Turkey held their negotiations and meetings at the ISIB stand. During the fair, ISIB Board Members and directors exchanged information between countries by interviewing with directors and executives of Czech Association for Refrigerating and Air Conditioning and Association of Slovak Scientific and Technological Societies, especially Eurovent.

ISIB Board Member Murat Bakanay said, stating that Aquatherm Prague Fair hosts numerous product groups including heating, energy and technology equipment, renewable energy sources and installation systems, that: “Eastern European countries and especially Czechia are one of our target export markets for us. Looking at the share we get from Czech sector imports, we are in the 20th place. Our highest export is in heating product groups and we are in the 7th place. Last year, we increased our market share in Czechia by 22 percent compared to the previous year. We are increasing our efforts with all our stakeholders so as to increase our export rate belonging to this year to Czechia, which has a trading volume of approximately 19 billion USD in the air conditioning industry. We might carry out a sectoral trade delegation organization in the upcoming period. This fair provided an initial infrastructure work for our future activities. The fair was very busy, although it was relatively small in terms of the industry. As ISIB, we were delighted to have the companies in our industry at our stand and to host their meetings during the fair.”