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ISIB Brings Together 46 Companies from North African Countries with Business People in Turkey  - 1

ISIB Brings Together 46 Companies from North African Countries with Business People in Turkey 

HVAC-R Industry Exporters’ Association (ISIB) brought together the company owners and managers, who came to Turkey from different countries in the North African region, with business people in Turkey. 

61 professionals and business people from 46 companies from the North African region, including Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Egypt and Libya, participated in the organization held at Istanbul Lazzoni Hotel on February 23 as part of the North Africa buyer mission programme. 

B2B meetings were held between Turkish and foreign delegations within the scope of the program, in which 59 companies from the Turkish HVAC-R Sector also participated.

ISIB Chairman of the Board Mehmet Şanal stated in his statement within the scope of the buyer mission programme that they started face-to-face meetings again with the decrease of the effect of the pandemic, and said: “As of the second half of 2021, we started to make physical programs. With the North African buyer mission programme, the foreign delegation with the highest participation in the sector came to Turkey in the post-pandemic period. We selected the companies coming for the North African buyer mission programme based on their size, trade volume, import and export figures we received from international sources, and sector analysis. Together with this, we are working hard to increase the volume of the Turkish HVAC-R Sector in Africa. We are planning to organize a buyer mission programme from the South African region in the coming period.” 

Şanal stated that bringing this buyer mission programme to Turkey is important for the sector on a global scale and continued his statement as follows:

“We act with a vision of global inclusion in order to explain the power of the sector by acting together with all our stakeholders. As our industry, we have a good association and harmony with our assembly, associations and all our dynamics. With the establishment of ISIB, we started to carry this harmony abroad. We have developed the culture of acting together abroad. We did not have such an experience before, everyone was acting individually. But when you look at it, the fact that visitors from 46 different companies come here and have bilateral business meetings with Turkish companies means that we show our strength on the scale of North Africa and create a good perception. In order to be able to do this all over the world, we will continue our activities without interruption.”