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ISIB organized HVAC&R Seminars for Azerbaijani Engineers - 1

ISIB organized HVAC&R Seminars for Azerbaijani Engineers

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters’ Association (İSİB), in its capacity as the global business partner of Turkish HVAC&R sector, organized the first of a series of seminars on HVAC&R for engineers and professionals from prominent contracting companies from the sister country of Azerbaijan.

The seminar was held on 20 December 2021 with particiption of Mr. Mehmet Şanal, President of İSİB Board of Directors. As part of the seminar, Professional experts from Turkish Society of HVAC and Sanitary Engineers (TTMD) delivered speeches on mechanical systems, energy efficiency, areas of use of HVAS systems, and other topics. As part of the program, representatives from İSİB and TTMD also paid visits to prominent contracting companies in Azerbaijan, to which representatives from National Head Designing Institute

Speaking on the occasion, İSİB President Mehmet Şanal underlined that this was the first of a series of seminars abroad, and it started with the sister country of Azerbaijan. Mr. Şanal also made the following remarks: “As the Turkish HVAC&R sector, we are utilizing digital and conventional tools to increase the intellectual capacity of the Professionals in Turkey. Thanks to these seminar series, which hereby starts with the organization in the sister country of Azerbaijan, we are also informeing our stakeholders abroad on various issues, including HVAC&R trends in the world, system architecture, and green technologies among other topics. I believe that these seminars and the knowledge gained through the organization will greatly benefit our Azerbaijani counterparts for their vision in future projects to be implemented. Also, we will organize similar seminars in different countries in the coming months and will reach out to a large audience. We believe that our world is in a greater need for HVAC&R systems than ever. We will continue to work for conditioning the world’s air and change it for the better.

The seminar was held in Fairmont Otel with participation of more than 100 professionals and engineers and was entitled “What to look for in system choice while starting a new building?”. The following issues were addressed in the speeches during the seminar:

  • The Importance of Mechanical Systems in a Healthy Building Design and Recommendations for System Design (Speaker: Filiz Pehlivan)
  • Energy Efficiency Opportunities in Industrial Facilities (Speaker: Hamit Mutlu)
  • Criteria for Selection of HVAC System through the Analyses of Examples from Shopping Malls and Airports, Examples of Hydronic Applications (Speaker: Meriç Sapçı)
  • Fundamentals of Selecting Cooling Centers for Buildings (Speaker: Oktay Güven)
  • Hastan Fundamentals of Selecting Cooling Centers for Hospitals (Speaker: Hakan Ercan)
  • Mechanical Installation Design in Buildings with High Energy Performance (Spekaer: Bahri  Türkmen)