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ISIB organizes national participation to Interclima + Elec 2019 Fair - 1

ISIB organizes national participation to Interclima + Elec 2019 Fair

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB), which continues with its efforts to improve the exports of Turkish HVAC&R sector without interruption, organized national participation to Interclima + Elec 2019 Fair, organized in Paris, France, on 05-08 November 2019.

ISIB makes trade and buyers delegation organizations, sector promotion days and national participation fair organizations for the purpose of bringing together the firms in Turkish HVAC&R sector with the importers in target markets and it aims to have the sector reach an export figure of around 5 billion dollars at the end of 2019. In line with this aim of ISIB, 11 Turkish firms participated in national participation organization to Interclima + Elec 2019, which is a Heating, Cooling and Climatization Fair.

Vice Chairman of Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB) S. Zeki POYRAZ commented on France market and Interclima + Elec 2019 Fair and said “As ISIB, we aim to increase the share of Turkish HVAC&R sector’s products in export markets. In this context, European Union countries, which are among the largest economies of the world, are at high priority orders among our target markets. EU countries rank the second in the world exports with a share of 14.7% and have an export volume of approximately 2.1 trillion dollars. With this export size, EU countries are among important markets of our sector. France is the 4th country that Turkey exports to most after Germany, England and Italy, and France exhibits an important trend of increase in the exports of Turkish HVAC&R sector in recent years. Sector’s export went up from 147 million dollars in 2016 to 157 million dollars in 2017 and 176 million dollars in 2018. The trend continues in 2019. In the January-October period sector’s exports to France increased by 17.8% and rose from 146 million dollars to 172 million dollars. Turkey is increasing its share in France’s imports. This situation shows that Turkish HVAC&R sector’s products are attaining a position of being known and preferred more increasingly every day in France market. For this reason, participating in fairs in France is quite important for strengthening existing cooperations, establishing sustainable commercial relations and developing new cooperations, with which we have a significant trade volume. 11 Turkish firms from HVAC&R sector participated in Interclima + Elec 2019 this years. Number of Turkish participant firms in the fair was low but visitor profile was quite good. In the discussions we had with the Turkish participant firms, we obtained the information that important meetings were held in the fair and interest was at a satisfactory level. As a result of the discussions we had with fair management and participant firms, we got the information that 50% of the visitors were from European countries, 45% from African countries and 5% from Asian and American countries”.