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Uptrend Prevails in HVAC&R Exports - 1

Uptrend Prevails in HVAC&R Exports

HVAC&R Sector closed the first 6-month period with an upward trend with a total export income worth $2,265 million – corresponding to a 1.6% increase compared to the same period in the previous year. The export volume also increased by 6% in terms of kilograms; reaching to 497 million kilograms as against 469 million kilograms the previous year. The biggest increase in the sector came in Air Conditioning Systems and Equipment, which witnessed a 43,7% increase with a total export worth $266 million compared to last year’s $185 million.

Mr. Mehmet Şanal, President of the Board of Directors of Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association, stated that the positive trend prevails in the sector and that Turkish HVAC&R products are exported to all corners of the world throughout the year. The current term, according to Mr. Şanal, corresponded to a significant success in particular for air conditioning systems and equipment, insulation products, cooling systems and equipment as well as ventilation equipment. Mr. Şanal also said that Turkey is highly preferred by international air conditioner manufacturers. Thanks to the level of technological development and other advantages, Turkey could well become a production base for such companies, Mr. Şanal added: “The sector is developing.

We invest in technology and R&D. We have seen especially pleasing investments in air conditioning. Global manufacturers pay close attention to the developments in our sector. It is by no means a coincidence that these companies prefer out country for investing. Our sector is firmly focused on its export targets.”