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Turkish HVAC&R Sector Sets Eyes on Ghanaian Market - 1

Turkish HVAC&R Sector Sets Eyes on Ghanaian Market

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (İSİB) organized a HVAC&R Promotion Days in Ghana, a target market as part of the association’s attempts to widen the export market and set a higher standard. The 2-day event featured B2B meetings and promotional seminars on Turkish HVAC&R sectors covering as many as 19 topics. In total, 19 İSİB representatives took part in the event.

The delegation was chaired by Mr. Levent Aydın, Member of the Board of Directors of İSİB, acknowledged the support of Ghana Union of Manufacturers, Ms. Özlem Ergün UIueren – Republic of Turkey Ambassador to Ghana, Ghanaian Ministry of Trade Undersecretary as well as Members of Ghanaian Parliament in organization of the event. Mr. Aydın highlighted that Ghanaian business people and institutions have positive feelings about Turkey and Turkish products.

Mr. Aydın also said that İSİB undertook a comprehensive market research in Africa last year, and paid visits to Tanzania, Egypt, Algeria and lastly Ghana, and that four more visits by trade delegations and promotional organizations will ensue until the end of this year. “African economics are growing”, said Mr. Aydın, before making the following remarks: “When we have a look at the development trend of African economies, we can see that there is at least a 5% growth. Specifically, the HVAC&R sector has a great potential although the current figures remain low. In other words, if we want to ensure our place in the growing African markets in the next 5 to 10 years, it is high time we started serious preparations in this regard. To illustrate, we have already started receiving positive feedback on the trade delegation visit to Tanzania last year. While our exports to Tanzania was worth $45 million in the first 5 months of 2018, this figure rose to $115 million in the same period in 2019. These are very positive and pleasing developments and none of this is a coincidence. We are taking serious steps to reach our targets as a sector.”

“We could be an alternative to China”

Mr. Aydın also said that demand for coolers and air conditioners in high in Ghana due to the hot climate. Chinese products, according to Mr. Aydın, is dominating the country’s market. “However, we have observed some problems resulting from the inferior quality of Chinese products. Therefore, they are in search for alternatives. Turkey could well be an alternative to China in this market. Our quality and production capacity would very well satisfy their needs. Accordingly, if we manage to establish permanent and serious relations, we can be preferred and sought after in Ghana. There is not a great deal of production of HVAC&R products here. And we have a positive image. During our organizations, we met businesspeople with previous commercial ties in Turkey. We have invited these people to ISK-Sodex Fair, which is the biggest fair of the sector in our country. We have to secure our places in these markets by making use of our assets and advantages”.
Mr. Aydın also highlighted that Ghana is only second to Nigeria as the biggest economy in West Africa, and that Turkish companies should be able to secure a minimum share of 5% to 6% in Ghana, which has a population of 30 million people.

“High interest in İSİB in Ghana”

Mr. Aydın stated that a total of 130 Ghanaian companies attended the B2B meetings organized as part of the 2-day event, and that the participation in the training seminars for 2 days was also high with 140 people attending the sessions on the first day and 120 on the second. Mr. Aydın finally said that the gala dinner also attracted widespread attention amongst out Ghanaian counterparts.

Participating Companies