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HVAC&R Exporters on the Doors of Peru-Colombia - 1

HVAC&R Exporters on the Doors of Peru-Colombia

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB) is continuing its activities towards exploring distant markets with a view to increasing exports and expanding the market which were initiated in 2018.

Turkish HVAC&R Exporters established contacts in Chile and Argentine last year. In 2019, ISIB organized a sectoral commercial delegation to Peru and Colombia in South America. The delegation composed of 22 members paid visits to Peru and Colombia on 21-28 April and conducted more than 200 B2B meetings with project firms and importers. The members stated that ISIB’s organization was a great success, and that the meetings were productive and promising.

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ISIB Board Member Mr. Murat Bakanay, who headed the delegation, stated that HVAC&R production in the region is fairly limited, and that the sector is mostly based on imports. Mr. Bakanay also said that there is a VAT Exemption for HVAC&R products in the region and made the following remarks: The limited scope of production in the region and the VAT exemption are advantageous for us. We had a chance to meet about 100 importers and project firms as part of our visit. We had one-to-one meetings and briefed them about our sector, our products, and our pros. Both sides left the meetings happily. We decided to keep an eye on this market and create the ground for establishing permanent relations. There is a biannual HVAC&R Fair in Colombia, and the next event will take place in August 2020. We will also invite our contacts to ISK-Sodex, the biggest HVAC&R Fair in Turkey, and provide them with an opportunity to get to know us better.

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Mr. Bakanay also remarked that the demand for HVAC&R products is high, and that the market is mostly suitable for ventilation, cooling, air conditioning and individual heating systems due to its hot climate. Prices are higher compared to Turkey said Mr. Bakanay, and urged Turkish exporters to look for options in this market. Mr. Bakanay also said that the freight prices are also favorable, currently standing around USD 2000-2500 for a 40-feet container.

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