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Turkish HVAC-R Sector Closed 2023 with 7.2 Billion Dollar Exports - 1

Turkish HVAC-R Sector Closed 2023 with 7.2 Billion Dollar Exports

The Turkish HVAC-R sector closed the year 2023 with an export volume of 7.2 billion dollars with an increase of 7.3 percent compared to the previous year.
While the sector’s exports reached a record high, the export-to-import ratio was 89 percent.

The Turkish HVAC-R Sector, which increased its exports in all sub-product sectors, achieved an export increase of 1.49 billion dollars with 3.2 percent growth in the Heating Systems and Elements sub-sector, 1.13 billion dollars with 10.7 percent growth in the Cooling Systems and Components sub-sector, 81 million dollars with 1.8 percent growth in Air Conditioning Systems and Components, 2.7 billion dollars with 7.3 percent growth in Installation Systems and Components, 907 million dollars with 17.3 percent growth in Ventilation Systems and Components, and 143 million dollars with 0.9 percent growth in Insulation Materials in 2023 compared to 2022. The countries with the highest exports in 2023 were Germany, Russia, the United Kingdom, Italy, France, respectively. The sector’s per kilogram unit price increased from 5.3 dollars in 2022 to 6 dollars in 2023.

Stating that the sector’s export target for 2024 is 7.8 billion dollars, Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Turkish HVAC-R Exporters Association (İSİB) remarked as follows: “As the Turkish HVAC-R sector, our main goal is to obtain 1.5 percent of the global market. We are working with all our might for this goal. Our country’s exports are steadily increasing, and we are becoming more active in international markets. From marketing to sales, communication to implementation, the Turkish HVAC-R sector is growing in a coordinated, efficient, and appealing manner with all of its stakeholders. We are reaping the benefits of our hard work in almost every part of the world.
We participated in 15 exhibitions in different countries for our exporters with our national participation and info booth models in 2023, and we organized Sectoral Trade delegation activities for the ISK SODEX exhibition with Israel, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Russia and Belarus, and Poland. We have conducted sponsorship and advertising works at many exhibitions.
Within the scope of the Buyer’s Mission program of the 16th ISK Sodex Istanbul Exhibition, organized by ISIB, we hosted nearly 300 foreign businessmen from 70 countries. Representatives of the companies constituting the Turkish HVAC-R Sector met with foreign business people for three days and worked on their products’ commercialization and exportation. In addition, we began working for the Mostra Convegno Expocomfort exhibition, which will be held next year. We will actively participate in the MCE Milano 2024 Exhibition, which will support the European Union’s next five-year goals of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing the share of renewable resources in final energy consumption, and increasing energy efficiency, alongside all of our sector’s companies and stakeholders.
For this purpose, we have planned numerous activities in 25 different countries, including overseas trade delegations, exhibition participation, buyer’s missions, overseas education, and B2B meetings, and we will carry them out next year. We will also continue to carry out international sponsorships and advertising activities.

Our primary goal is to support our exporters and always stand by them. We will continuously pursue our activities in order to accomplish this all over the world.”