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ISH Frankfurt 2019 to take place on 11-15 March - 1

ISH Frankfurt 2019 to take place on 11-15 March

One of the most important fairs of the HVAC&R Sector, ISH Frankfurt will take place on 11-15 March 2019. Focusing on water, energy and life; the fair will feature France as the partner country.

The fair was announced to the public via a press conference organized by Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association and Messe Fair Organization.

Stressing that ISH Frankfurt is one of the most prestigious fairs of the HVAC&R and sanitation sector, Mr. Mehmet Şanal, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Turkish HVAC&R Exporters Association (ISIB), stated that participation in the fair by Turkish firms is increasing every year as the number of Turkish firms increased to 140 in 2018 compared to 104 in 2016. Mr. Şanal said: “This sizeable increase should also be attributed to ISIB’s participation in the fair as a partner country. We did a wonderful organization thanks to the efforts of our German counterparts and the harmonious and strong cooperation with Messe Frankfurt Turkey representatives. Special promotions organizations took place throughout the fair. Turkey’s role in the event as the partner country was continuously underlined. This fair provides invaluable opportunities for developing the long-time trade relations between the two countries as well as strengthening the ties between German and Turkish companies. Both the continuous participation of Turkish firms in fairs in Germany and the significant volume of trade between the two countries offer a strong foundation for continuous development of the current economic relations”.

Following the recent depreciation of Turkish Lira, Mr. Şanal underlined, the Turkish companies cut down on their spendings with foreign currency resulting in the reevaluation of participation in international fairs. Mr. Şanal said: “This is all understandable. Nevertheless, recent developments have also shown that in addition to the domestic market, export plays a crucial role in variating risks. Companies with a strong export structure minimized the negative impacts of domestic fluctuations. Moreover, in order to increase sustainable export, incessant participation in fairs like ISH is highly important. I would like to use this opportunity to remind the sector of the importance of continuing to participate in these fairs.”
ISH Brand Director Mr. Stefan Seitz said that cooperation with Turkey will continue in 2019, which will be a special occasion for ISH. Mr. Seitz stated that this year will mark the 60th anniversary of the first ISH fair and will provide an opportunity for celebrating its long lasting efforts: “Messe Fair Organization is the biggest organizer of fairs, congresses and events around the world with its own territory. We are organizing as many as 150 fairs in Frankfurt and accross the world with no external assistance. Every year, we organize more than 240 congresses, exhibitions, and concerts. We are a big organization with more than 2400 employees in 30 locations with an annual turnover of € 669 mio. We are proud to be one of the oldest organizator of fairs.

Mr. Seitz also said that 2/3 of world population will be living in mega cities by 2030, and that this will have an impact on the daily life ranging from air quality to heating and energy efficiency. ISH Frankfurt fair will be the epicentre of newest technologies in these areas according to Mr. Seitz, who said Turkey is a true partner of ISH Frankfurt. Mr. Seitz said Messe targets participation of 190 thousand people in the fair, which is going to be a different event in 2019.

Andreas Lücke, General Director of the German Heating Federal Association, stated that they are happy with cooperation with ISIB and that they keep receiving positive feedbacks from German companies about Turkey despite the economic problems the country is facing. Stressing the importance of ISH fair in the sector, Lücke placed particular importance on energy efficiency as well as the increased energy costs and efficiency in recent years. As a result, German companies are now investing more and more in innovative heating systems, which will be exhibited in the ISH Fair.